Why does my lower back hurt when I bend my neck down?

Question by buddy-luv: Why does my lower back hurt when I bend my neck down?
Every time I bend my neck down while I am sitting, I have severe lower back pain. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, also whenever I am sitting, my thighs hurt and my back hurts.

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Answer by Hachi
No offense but most ‘fibromyalgia’ sufferers are misdiagnosed. Start doing yoga or something like that to strengthen your back muscles. When you sit around a lot your muscles weaken and they tend to hurt because of the strain put on them by your skeleton frame. The most common places are your thighs, back and neck. Fibromyalgia was made up when doctors could not really figure out what was wrong with the patient. Also weight is a huge factor to sore muscles and joints. The more you weigh the more you put strain on your joints which causes them to swell and or hurt. Even being slightly overweight can have a huge impact on your joints. But either way. If you are thin or overweight I still suggest you get active and start strengthen your muscles. You won’t get rid the pain by just sitting around popping pills.

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