How can I relax my muscles without getting a massage?

Question by strawberrysudha: How can I relax my muscles without getting a massage?
I am so tense, and need to relax, but I know that I can’t get a massage right now. What else can I do?

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Answer by jetgirly
Soak in a warm bath with epsom salts.

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  • Earl E Morningwood  says:

    take a hot shower.

  • A nobody  says:

    Soak in a warm bath with epison salt or bubbles.

  • bonehead  says:


  • LeeDee  says:

    lay down in bed

  • dradelbug  says:

    yoga or soma

  • Rayne  says:

    Take a hot shower or bath. Usually heat helps.

  • going2weighless  says:

    lay down and meditate

  • sstooc2001  says:

    get epsom salt and soak in the bath tub for awhile…..

  • Max  says:

    Hot bath, hot as you can stand it.

  • inkles1  says:

    Hot tub, vibrating massager, massaging chair, long soak in a hot bath, etc. etc. etc.

  • chillinvillain1  says:


  • otter7  says:

    Soak in a bath with salts, this will further reduce your stress. Look for yaga tapes. It will helps stretch out your muscles and pull the stress away. Also try to meditate for some time during the day. It helps relax the mind and body. That’s what I do so that I don’t have to go to a spa.

  • gryphn24  says:

    You can try Yoga, a hot bath or just laying on your bed focus on your breathing and do a tense and release of each muscle group.

  • jenniferaboston  says:

    Progressive Muscle Relaxation is the next best thing to a massage. It is a guided meditation that helps you relax every muscle one at at time until your whole body is relaxed. You might also want to try visualization techniques…also a type of meditation. CD’s are usually pretty cheap and it really really works!

  • Dana A  says:

    Warm bath is a good suggestion, but I might also recommend progressive relaxation hypnosis as a good technique to reduce muscle tension and overall stress.

    Dana Anderson, Hypnotist.

  • shepardalese  says:

    eat some Vegemite cake or milkshack it calms you musles and look at this web site its every thing a bout my space but witout the ads and the predeters

  • SpongebobRoundpants  says:

    People who have fibromyalgia, panic disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other anxiety-related problems have chronic pain because of tense muscles. The best therapy I know of is Yoga or Tai Chi. When you enroll in a class you will notice improvement rather quickly. Also, hot baths, low lights, candlelight, noise elimination will help. Good luck.

  • katzwestie  says:

    My mom taught me this a few days a go; it really works!
    First, lay down on your bed on your back. Then close your eyes, and tense up all your muscles at once; get them all as tense as they can get at the same time.
    Then, slowly relax yourself by relaxing each muscle one by one–start with your arms, then your neck, then your upper body–until you’re completely relaxed. This works in a hot shower, too!
    It works like a charm!

  • leadbelly  says:

    hot bath with Epsom Salts

  • JODY S  says:

    how about a oatmeAL SOAK BY AVEENA

  • Ganesa  says:

    do yoga.

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