Does fibromyalgia cause all over body inflammation?

Question by flawless1212: Does fibromyalgia cause all over body inflammation?
I have positive ANA but my Dr said I dont have lupus but fibromyalgia. Does fibro cause you to have this?
When I say all over inflammation, I also mean bladder inflammation, ribcage inflammation etc. I have all of this and they are saying it’s fibro

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Answer by RoRo
The primary symptoms of fibromyalgia include widespread musculoskeletal pain, severe fatigue, and disturbed sleep. Fibromyalgia means pain in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons – the soft fibrous tissues in the body.

Most patients with fibromyalgia say that they ache all over. Their muscles may feel like they were pulled or overworked. Sometimes fibromyalgia symptoms include muscle twitches and burning sensations. More women than men are afflicted with fibromyalgia, and it shows up in people of all ages.

I have rheumatoid arthritis compounded by fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue…it’s not fun. I wish you luck.

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  • suzie.cline  says:

    fibermyalga causes alot of things.the most is mucle pain we have pressure points and here they are neck,back lower, thighs ,ribcage and arms actually anywhere you have mucsles
    but the pressure points . they say that ibermyalgia is caused by tramatis events whether or not its true they rally dont have the real answer they would really want to tell you so yes its pain all over and after you have it for a long time it will hurt your feet so bad you cant walk on them when you get up of the morning i would suggest you to get a lot of exersice so you dont get so sore need to get more info my email is ;;;

  • meowzie  says:

    Absolutely! I have had fibromyalgia for over 30 years and I have the same problems including the rib cage and the bladder. With the rib cage, it is the muscles in between the ribs that get inflamed and tight. I have had it so bad that I couldn’t take a deep breath and my physical therapist has had to dig into the muscles to loosen them so that I could breathe!

    The inflammation in the bladder can range from tenderness to incontinence. I have incontinence unfortunately and at 43 years old it is quite troublesome even though its not a lot.

    “Other common symptoms – Premenstrual syndrome and painful periods, chest pain, morning stiffness, cognitive or memory impairment, numbness and tingling sensations, muscle twitching, irritable bladder, the feeling of swollen extremities, skin sensitivities, dry eyes and mouth, dizziness, and impaired coordination can occur. Fibromyalgia patients are often sensitive to odors, loud noises, bright lights, and sometimes even the medications they are prescribed.” This is from the second link in the source area. Notice that it says “irritable bladder”

    I feel for you and I know how difficult it is. Is your doctor recommending any treatment? I have had everything from cortisone shots, medications including Methadone, regular physical therapy, intensive chronic pain program and now I am on Lyrica which is helping a lot.

    I hope this helps answer your question. I hope you feel better and I wish you luck and many blessings.


  • sideline2084  says:

    Check out for articles and information about Fibromyalgia including my experience living with it.

  • MeInThisWorld  says:

    A Hallmark of Fibromyalgia is NO inflammation-

    if you have inflammation you are eithe rmisdiagnosed or also have another condition-

    If your doc is attributing teh inflammation to FMS he is INCOMPETANT-

    in the US-to get a list of good doctors who actually know what FMS is


    many doctors will label anyone with pain and fatigue with FMS even if it is due to lifestyle or another disease…..

    If you don’t beleive me-research it yourslef-

    There is NO INFLAMMATION in FMS……

    For the last 10 yeas or so -the true professionls have beleived it is a disorder of teh central nervous system.

    At most sometimes you have a feeling of inflammation-but it is your brain misperceiving the sensation-there is no real inflammation.

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